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IPod touch 5 Compatible, MFI-Certified
With its innovative casing design, the iSMP is compatible with both the iPod Touch 5, enabling merchants to transform either device into a secure mobile payment solution. The MFI-certified iSMP is 100% compliant with Apple performance and development standards.

Universal Secure Payment Platform
The iSMP accepts all forms of payment: EMV chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless. Based on Telium 2, Ingenico Group’s highly secure payment platform, the iSMP is compatible with Ingenico Group’s worldwide portfolio of payment applications and meets all security and payment standards: EMV, PCI PTS, Visa Ready, Contactless PayPass® & Visa payWave.

iOS interface
A smart software interface integrates seamlessly between the iSMP, the payment application and the iOS business application.

Integrated 1D/2D Barcode Reader
The iSMP’s integrated commercial grade 1D/2D barcode reader meets the most fast-paced retail demands, whether rapidly scanning multiple items at a variety of angles or validating a wide range of loyalty cards, customer coupons, barcodes, QR codes, and driver’s licenses.

Long-Lasting Battery Life
Equipped with a long-life 1, 200mAh lithium-ion battery, the iSMP is designed to operate for a full shift between recharging, even in the most fast-paced retail environments.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Embedded Bluetooth technology connects effortlessly to the iPod5. The iSMP uses a Bluetooth class II chip with 128-bit Bluetooth encryption for secure connection.

Designed for Mobility
With its long-lasting battery, pocket-sized design, and lightweight but robust casing, the iSMP is ideal for both indoor and outdoor mobile environments. Designed for high-volume use, the iSMP is perfect for jobs such as line busting, customer interaction, inventory management, and delivery.

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