Ingenico i5100 User Guide

Effect of Change

Clause 3.7 (l)

Requires you to make your terminal available for software updates by leaving your terminal powered on and connected overnight at least once every 30 days.

Clause 4.7

Clarifies your liability for fraudulent and charged-back transactions where you process transactions without authorisation and outside usual transaction parameters.

Clause 4.18

First Data Resources Pty Ltd replaces Cardlink Services Ltd as provider of Authorisation services.

Clause 5.3

Requires any refund to include a refund of surcharges (if any).

Clause 5.4

Requires you to comply with surcharging standards issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Clause 10

This clause has been extended to apply to the processing of car rental transactions.

Clause 13.12(c)

Confirms that third party gateway providers or data processors are responsible for managing their PCI-DSS compliance and that your obligations extend to independently verifying the status of any third party you engage.

Clause 18

Provides that we will now give you at least 7 days’ notice in advance of a change to terms and conditions that isn’t a new fee or new or varied government charge.

Clause 19.5

Clarifies when notices given by us will be deemed to be received by you in circumstances when they are sent via standard post, registered post or email.

Clause 24.5(j)

Confirms that we may terminate the Agreement or use of an underlying Merchant Facility where you have, or we suspect on reasonable grounds that you have, breached the Agreement.

Clause 33.2

Provides that we will provide at least 14 days’ notice before we assign or novate our rights and obligations under the agreement.

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