How to use EFTPOS online?

Eftpos is Australia's most widely used cards system, allowing electronic payments at the point of sale. Every time you press CHQ or SAV at the checkout, you are using eftpos. You can also use eftpos to get 'cash out' from many retail outlets, including supermarkets and petrol stations.

How do I pay using eftpos?

Whenever you press CHQ or SAV you're paying with eftpos. eftpos is available on all ATM or debit cards issued by an Australian banks.

What if my card doesn't have an eftpos logo on it?

Don't worry. By pressing CHQ or SAV using any debit card issued by an Australian bank you are paying with eftpos, regardless of which logo is on the card. eftpos CHQ and SAV is also available on more than 5 million credit cards. There are around 39 million eftpos-enabled cards in Australia.

How often do Australians use eftpos?

In 2014/15 Australians made more than 2.3 billion eftpos transactions, worth more than $140 billion. This is equivalent to an average of more than 6 million eftpos CHQ and SAV transactions a day.

Is eftpos safe?

Your PIN ensures no one else can use your eftpos card, so long as you keep your PIN secret. Also, eftpos payments are in real time, so you can check your account within minutes and be sure that the transaction is accurately reflected. If you notice an unauthorised transaction on your account, you should contact your bank immediately. You may also be protected by the ePayments Code – check your bank terms for details.

Why is it better for me to use eftpos?

With eftpos you are accessing your own money, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are only spending what you have in your bank account. It is safe and convenient. eftpos also enables you to get 'cash out' at the checkout, making it easier to get cash while shopping and avoid ATM charges.

When will I be able to use eftpos Online and on Mobiles?

As Australians change the way they shop and pay, eftpos is evolving its technology to meet their needs. As such, we are committed to the development of new eftpos payment products on new technology platforms such as Contactless, Online and Mobile. We expect to begin offering eftpos Mobile solutions early in 2017, with eftpos Online to follow in the near future. In doing so, we are being careful to make sure we do not compromise our commitment to security.

How to use EFTPOS card?

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