EFTPOS fees Australia

Eftpos charges a Scheme Fee to both Issuers and Acquirers for each eftpos transaction (as defined in the eftpos Scheme Rules). eftpos will notify eftpos Members of any changes to the Scheme Fee.

Scheme Fees enable eftpos to invest in new products and services.

The eftpos Scheme Fees are listed in the table below.

Effective Date Total Per Transaction Scheme Fee Applicable To

Interchange Fees

Interchange Fees are payable between the retailer (known as a self-Acquirer) or the retailers’ financial institution (known as the Acquirer) and the cardholder's bank or financial institution (known as the Issuer).

• Create a simple regime to underpin and strengthen eftpos’ competitiveness, and
• Support investment in key enhancements to eftpos products.

The rates support initiatives designed to:
• Increase eftpos functionality, and
• Enhance digital payments security.

Schedule of Interchange Rates


*Interchange Fees are not payable for Refunds, Declines and Pre-Authorisations. Electronic and Paper Fallback

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