Driver USB Ingenico ict250

For: Points of sale and services with no lines, where customers pay at a cash register and cash registers are not computerized.

Types of connection: ethernet (simple computer network connector RJ45), RS232 (by connecting to a computer and using its Internet access). GPRS (with external GPRS modem; SIM card of any operator can be used).

Special features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Bright colour screen (ict250).
  • Possibility to connect an external PIN entry device.
  • Wide choice of connection types.
  • Possibility to scan contactless cards.
  • Technical specification:

  • Processor: ARM9 or ARM7.
  • Memory (RAM/Flash): 16MB/128MB, 32B/128MB.
  • Types of communication: RS232, ethernet, dial-up.
  • Screen: (83 x 185 x 63) white or colour screen (optionally).
  • Keyboard: 15 keys, 4 of which are for navigation.
  • Card reader: double sided for magnetic cards and smart cards.
  • Reset Ingenico iwl220

    Mpos ingenico rp750

    Reset POS Ingenico ict220

    Hard reset Ingenico 480

    Reset Ingenico eft930