Can you use a New Zealand ANZ EFTPOS card in Australia?

When travelling overseas with an ANZ EFTPOS, Visa Debit or credit card there are several things to keep in mind:

Check your expiry date

If your card is due to expire during your overseas travel you can apply for an early reissue:

Load a PIN

  • Some locations in the USA have an added security feature where you will be asked for a ZIP code after entering your PIN. In these cases you can enter your NZ post code and add a 0 (zero) at the end.

Notify ANZ

It is advisable that you notify us of your travel dates and destinations. This will ensure your legitimate card usage isn't viewed as suspicious and will avoid any inconvenient precautionary blocks.

Card usage overseas

  • For Visa credit/debit cards or EFTPOS cards with a Plus or Visa logo, look for ATMs displaying the Plus or Visa logo.
  • For MasterCards or EFTPOS cards with the Maestro or Cirrus logo, look for ATMs displaying the Maestro or Cirrus logo.
  • When using a Visa Debit card at an overseas EFTPOS merchant, press 'credit' which will access the nominated 'Fastcash' account.
  • At overseas ATMs, select Cheque or Savings where available. If the options are not available the ATM will access the nominated 'Fastcash' account.
  • When checking an account balance at an overseas ATM, some ATMs will display the account balance in NZD while some will display it in the local currency. Be aware of this when viewing the account balance on screen or on a receipt.
  • Be aware that in some overseas ATMs you may be unable to do a Cash Advance using your credit card if you have a linked transactional (Cheque or Savings) account. You should still be able to do a Cash Advance via a bank branch that displays the Visa or MasterCard logo.


Overseas ATM fee

Applies to withdrawals from everyday and savings accounts. This fee is waived for ANZ ATM's located overseas. Banks and other financial institutions who own overseas ATMs may charge a fee for using them.


Overseas cash advance fees

Overseas ATMs and staff assisted - $5

Currency conversion charge applies to foreign transactions

2.5% of the NZD amount

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