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Fraud and misuse of credit and debit card information is a growing problem for many merchants globally. The loss and subsequent misuse of customer card data may lead to undermined consumer confidence, loss of money and/or customers and a reduction in card usage at your business.

As part of ANZ’s ongoing commitment to providing the most up-to-date information on EFTPOS terminal and cardholder data security, we have provided the following information and supporting tools to help protect your business.

Protect your business against EFTPOS terminal tampering and skimming

Terminal tampering occurs when criminals illegally access EFTPOS terminals and modify them to capture or ‘skim’ cardholder data and PINs during transaction processing. Criminals may then use this data in various ways to take money from the cardholder’s account and in many instances, use the stolen data to replicate fake cards and withdraw funds at ATMs.

What you can do to help protect your business against fraud and misuse:

  • Always ensure that terminals are secure and under supervision during operating hours (including any spare or replacement EFTPOS terminals you have).
  • Ensure that only authorised employees have access to your EFTPOS terminals and are fully trained on their use.
  • When closing your store or kiosk, always ensure that your EFTPOS terminals are securely locked and not exposed to unauthorised access.
  • Never allow your EFTPOS terminal to be maintained, swapped or removed without advance notice from ANZ - be aware of unannounced service visits.
  • Only allow authorised ANZ personnel to maintain, swap or remove your EFTPOS terminal and always ensure that security identification is provided.
  • Inspect your EFTPOS terminals on a regular basis, to ensure that the terminal casing is whole with external security stickers remaining unbroken and of a high print quality.
  • Ensure that there are no additional cables running from your EFTPOS terminal.
  • Make sure that any CCTV or other security cameras located near your EFTPOS terminal(s) cannot observe cardholders entering details.
  • Notify ANZ Merchant Services (24 hours / 7 days a week) on 1800 039 025 immediately if:
  • your EFTPOS terminal is missing
  • you, or any member of your staff, is approached to perform maintenance, swap or remove your EFTPOS terminal without prior notification from ANZ and/or Security Identification is not provided
  • your EFTPOS terminal prints incorrect receipts or has incorrect details
  • your EFTPOS terminal is damaged or appears to be tampered with.

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