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ANZ employs various security measures to ensure that your actions online and personal information is protected. Our security system is smart, meaning it learns your normal online banking behaviour allowing us to proactively monitor and quickly identify unusual activity.

ANZ Internet Banking

ANZ Internet Banking utilises a firewall together with encryption technology to provide some of the best security available to keep your password, account details and other sensitive information, including any messages sent via Bank Mail protected.


We require all ANZ Internet Banking customers to register for OnlineCode and use it when performing the following actions online.

  • Making payments over $10, 000
  • Sending money overseas

When you perform those actions online, we’ll send you a unique OnlineCode via text message to your mobile phone. Then all you have to do is enter the code into ANZ Internet Banking to confirm your action. This extra step helps us make sure it’s you performing the action.

You can also choose to use OnlineCode for other transactions by selecting ‘Change OnlineCode preferences’ from the ‘Your Settings’ menu option.

And the best part, it’s free to register and use OnlineCode if you have a New Zealand mobile phone number.

If you don’t have a mobile, have an international mobile phone number or live in a low coverage area please call us on 0800 269 348 or +64 4 499 4079 if you’re calling from overseas to discuss the best solution for you.

Verified By Visa and MasterCard®SecureCodeTM

To help make your online shopping safer, we’ve introduced an additional security feature that works with Verified by Visa and MasterCard®SecureCodeTM to help make sure that you are the person shopping with your ANZ credit card or Visa Debit card.

When shopping on a site that is protected by Verified by Visa or MasterCard®SecureCodeTM, you could be asked to answer questions and provide extra information to prove your identity before you can complete your purchase.

The questions are designed to relate to information that only you are likely to know, which is then verified back to our database. This is so we can have confidence that the person shopping is really you – providing you with an extra level of protection when shopping online. You can also provide your mobile number when you answer the questions the first time so that in the future you are simply sent a text with a unique code to enter.

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