Vend EFTPOS integration

What is a merchant account and integrated payments?

A merchant account is a service offered by merchant providers and lets you accept EFTPOS or credit card payments for goods and services. Point of sale platforms which offer integrations with merchant processing (card payments) will, when you click the pay button, post the value of a sale to your merchant providers card swipe machine, pin pad or website. This then notifies the point of sale automatically if the payment was successful or not.

Note that integrated card payments for point of sale are slightly different from e-commerce payment gateways, in which the customer is directed to a payment page where they enter their details (this is explained well on the Shopify website ).

However most merchant providers offer solutions for both point of sale integrated card payments AND e-commerce payment gateways. We don't have support for companies who only have eCommerce payments, like Stripe.

Does Vend offer integrated card payments?

Yes we do!

What if my merchant provider is not yet supported?

We will over the coming months be internally releasing a limited number of additional merchant integration gateways, but with so many payment providers around the world, it wouldn't be prudent to try to build native integrations with every merchant provider.

However, we _ will _ be encouraging many more integrations by 3rd party developers via our payment platform has a public API. With a little, easy coding, it is possible for Vend customers to integrate our point of sale with just about any card processing service available.

There are a number of ways customers can seek to integrate Vend to their preferred merchant provider, via our payments API.

Please note: although Vend credit card payment types include a URL field under 'advanced settings', simply entering your merchant provider's website or payments page will not enable integrated payments. Your provider must first be supported by one of the methods outlined above.

Can I still use Vend without integrated card payments?

Yes, you can!

Many customers still use Vend without integrated card payments, by creating a manual 'payment type' (called, for example, 'credit card') and putting through any card sales on your merchant providers platform (card swipe, keypad, etc.) independently of Vend.

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