CHALLENGE – Brand repositioning communication strategy

UNIQA is one of the leading insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe, with 40 companies, more than 22, 000 employees and 10 million customers in 19 different countries. Republic Group was picked to adapt the happiness’ campaign – which has already proved successful in Austria – for the Hungarian market, that needed cultural ’transaction’ to Hungarians as new as local activation in digital media beyond classic ATL. Republic Group launched the UNIQA brand repositioning communication strategy.

SOLUTION – A attitude-shaping campaign

We emphasized with our attitude-shaping campaign that people must take control of their lives to find their own happiness and UNIQA is there to help them. In order to reach personal/individual happiness, we have to change the way people think, so we mediated a different kind of attitude, according to the brand philosophy. We did all this using banners, Facebook and Google ads, TV spots and Youtube preroll videos.

RESULTS – Citylights, billboards, microsite and Facebook

Nationwide citylight campaign was present in 21 cities, billboards reached more than 70% of the total target group. The campaign’s microsite had 160, 311 page views and the Facebook page reached more than 48, 000 people.

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