PIN Pad Ingenico iPP320 Driver

The Ingenico iPP320 PIN Pad entry device is ideal for PIN entry PIN change, and re-encoding PIN on an EMV chip in the financial instant issuance process. Designed to be both practical and easy-to-use, this powerful handheld device simply speeds through the PIN entry process and features intuitive operation. Fully compatible with CardWizard® software, this sophisticated device has the built-in technology you need to create an end-to-end solution and maximize your card program offerings.
  • Support the latest international security standards with a fully EMV and PCI PTS V2 approved solution
  • Enhance security at the PIN entry stage by providing additional confidentiality
  • Simplify the integration process with this with multi-functional, programmable device
  • Differentiate your card program with instant issuance and PIN entry capabilities

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