IPhone EFTPOS New Zealand

Our developers are currently working on a payment application to bring the Verifone e105 Mobile Payment Device to the New Zealand market.

The Verifone e105 integrates with iOS and Android based smartphones and tablets, and accepts both chip and PIN and mag-stripe payment types while the payment application on the phone/tablet acts as a point of sale system, so you can take payment anywhere. At the cafe table, music festival, market, in the aisle or queue, or on your customer's doorstep. The device interfaces via the audio jack and its innovative design allows it to fit neatly on the back of the smart device. Optionally, a short patch cable between the phone/tablet and the device turns it into a two piece, hand-over design.

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Mobile Payment

Mobility is transforming the way retailers view their business - enabling them to accelerate sales, elevate service and boost revenue. The e105 offers the flexibility for large and small scale retailers to reimagine the traditional store layout. No longer does the checkout need be the central point of customer engagement. Mobile payment technology provides a new level of consumer interaction that empowers a sales person to truly engage with customers to provide better shopping experiences. Spend less time on accounting and more time on driving your business. With the e105 you and your staff can take card payments on the spot and email your customer their receipt immediately. Your customers won't be left waiting for an invoice and you can get back to business.

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