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I want to add my horror story to this EMV nightmare that Intuit has put us small business owners into. Last summer (2015) I first asked Intuit if QBPOS version 11 would be EMV compliant, and was told yes. Then I was told no in the late fall/winter, I would have to spend money. At that point, I asked Intuit if I needed to upgrade my IPP350 pin pads, and was told no, just the software upgrade. When I talked to sales & tech support on July 4 (we are usually open 7 days a week and can only do upgrades on holidays), I was still told NO, I should be all set once the latest version was up and running. Took another holiday at work and today I have been told another story - my ipp350 pin pads are NOT emv compliant and they offered me 50% off new ones. I feel like every time I turn around, I am being told a new expensive story that makes me very mad and distrust anything Intuit or companies representing Intuit tells me. They should send new pin pads to everyone that has their software, their merchant account, etc. This is totally bogus and I want to raise this issue as high as possible to the heads at Intuit.

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