Ingenico mPOS SDK

Share a new mPOS EMV SDK aimed at providing mobile ISVs and developers with a faster route to EMV integration.This new offering — officially announced at TRANSACT 16 — includes is a pre-certified, semi-integrated toolkit designed to provide a more seamless integration with iOS and Android apps, mobile card readers and EMV gateways to speed up the EMV payment acceptance process.“APIs and SDKs are taking hold in financial services as a way to accelerate innovation, ” said David Szczepanski, chief operating officer at Ingenico Mobile Solutions. “Whether or not they have payment experience, ISVs and developers building mobile applications don’t want to focus on EMV payment acceptance. It’s complicated, time-consuming and risky. Ingenico Group is removing all of that complexity with our SDK, greatly simplifying the process and enabling ISVs to get to market quickly with the solutions that their customers need.”As part of the mPOS EMV SDK, the product is designed to enable developers and ISVs to reduce their time to market, saving time and money along the process. This all-in-one solution aims to provide them with Ingenico Mobile Solutions’ offerings without having to seek outside sources. The SDK’s semi-integrated approach also manages all the payment logic and enables ISVs and developers to bypass the EMV certification process and reduce their PCI scope.“Developing EMV-enabled mPOS applications has been a significant challenge for even the most experienced ISVs and developers, ” said Jordan McKee, senior analyst for payments at 451 Research. “EMV necessitates a far more complex application development and certification process, posing significant hurdles on the path to implementation. Pre-certified solutions that encompass hardware, software and processor connections help developers looking to integrate EMV payment acceptance into their applications save time and capital, while accelerating speed to market.”According to Ingenico, the mPOS EMV SDK provides the following:

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