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ReadyThe terminal is ready to start online or offline transaction.DescriptionReturns a meaningful description of the current eftpos state. eg: 'Ready' 'EFTPOS OFFLINE' 'Link Failure'ReadyPinPadReturns the state of the pinpad: 0 - Offline 1 - ReadyReadyLinkReturns the state of the connection to DPS: 0 - Offline 1 - ConnectedEovEnabledreturns a value that indicates if EFTPOS can go into offline mode. 0 - Offline transactions not allowed 1 - Offline transactions allowedEovOfflineIndicates if EFTPOS is currently operating in offline mode: 0 - Processing online 1 - Processing offlineInterfaceShows the relevant properties of a potential connection to DPS. Address: The address the interface will try to connect to. eg eft6.paymentexpress.com Port: The port to connect to at the address. Enabled: Indicated if the Interface is turned on. 1 - True 0 - False Ready: Indicates if the interface has a successful connection. 1 - True 0 - False Gprs: Indicates if the interface connects using a GPRS modem. 1 - True 0 - False RTTExceeded:Uplink Round trip time exceeded. 1 - True 0 - FalsePinPadInfoPort: The COM Port the pinpad is connected to. SerNum: The pinpads serial number. SwVer: The Software verion of the pinpad.HostIdThe host the EFTPOS will attempt to connect to.TxnTimeoutThe length of time before a transaction will timeout in seconds. Defatult 30 seconds.SessionKeyIntervalTypeSession Key Interval type. Method used for changing Session Keys. 0 - Time Period (minutes) 1 - Transaction Count 2 - Terminal Default (24 Hours) regardless of Transaction Count 3 - Time Period and Transaction CountCatidThe assigned Terminal IdCaidThe assigned Merchant NumberAiicAcquiring Institution identifier CodeReversalPresentThere is a pending reversal. If in offline mode this cannont be cleared untill eftpos comes back online.PrinterNameCurrently set printer name. Used by the EFTPOS software to identify the reciept printer.FirstEovTxnTimeTime the first offline transaction was processed. Field will be empty if no offline transactions present.

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