$55 for approving your application and setting up your Q Card account, debited against your Fixed Instalment Plan or Flexi Payment Plan when you have made a Q Card purchase in conjunction with your application.

Advance Fee

$35 will be debited to your Fixed Instalment Plan or Flexi Payment Plan each time you take up a new Fixed Instalment Plan or Flexi Payment Plan (excluding any Q EFTPOS Plan Advances). Advance Fees will be shown on the relevant Q Card Voucher. Advance Fees are calculated according to the costs incurred in processing and documenting the advance, and will vary depending upon the Merchant from whom you have used the Advance proceeds to purchase Goods. Advance Fees form part of the applicable Plan unpaid balance.

Account Fees

$50 annual fee, payable in two advance instalments of $25 every six months, to cover the costs of administering your Card Account.

Cancellation Fee

$0 payable should you cancel a Plan.

Statement Reprint Fee

$7.50 for up to 5 Statements, then $1 per Statement thereafter, payable on each request for additional Statement copies.

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