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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a new telecommunications network that will deliver high speed broadband and telephone services to all Australians.

The NBN is being rolled out to communities across Australia in a staged approach. You can check if your street address is in the rollout area on the NBN website

Residents and businesses using landline telephone and ADSL internet services need to move their services over to the NBN if they wish to continue using them, as the current services that utilise existing infrastructure will be disconnected on the cut-off date in your area.

The NBN and your Bendigo EFTPOS service

Your EFTPOS terminal provided by Bendigo Bank relies on either a telephone or internet connection to operate. All Bendigo EFTPOS terminals have been successfully tested on the NBN, so once you have connected to the NBN the terminals should continue to operate in the same manner as before.

The table below shows which NBN services have been successfully tested with Bendigo EFTPOS terminals.

Telecommunications ProviderProductVeriFone VX510 Dial UpVeriFone VX820 Dial UpPAX S80 Dial Up
TelstraUNI-V - T-Voice Standard
UNI-D - DOT (Digital Office Technology)
OptusUNI-D - Evolve Direct Line
What you need to do
  • To find out when the NBN will be rolled out in your area, or if you need specialised information such as connecting the NBN in a multi-premises building or complex, visit the NBN website
  • If the NBN has been rolled out in your area you need to contact your telecommunications service provider to obtain an NBN service package.
  • Your telecommunications service provider will arrange for the NBN to be installed inside your business premises.
  • Connect and check that your Bendigo EFTPOS terminal is working correctly.
Where to go for further information
For further information on the NBN and how it affects you
For any questions relating to your telephone or internet serviceContact your telecommunications service provider.
For questions relating to your EFTPOS terminalContact Bendigo Bank on 1800 334 702.

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