ANZ contactless EFTPOS


There are safeguards to ensure you don't double up on payments. Plus, you are covered by the added protection of ANZ Falcon™ and ANZ Fraud Money Back Guaranteedisclaimer should fraudulent transactions occur.


You don't have to enter your PIN or sign when you make a purchase under $100 at participating retailers, so it's an even faster way to pay.


Simply hold your card to the terminal, wait for the beep and then you're done. If you spend more than $100, you simply enter your PIN or sign as usual - it's easy.

Making contactless payments

When making contactless payments under $100 with your ANZ card - simply follow these easy steps:

Step 1

Let the merchant know you'd like to pay with your contactless ANZ card.

Step 2

Confirm the amount, follow the onscreen prompts and hold your card to the terminal.

Step 3

Wait until you hear a 'beep'. Collect your receipt if you'd like one and you're done.

And if you spend more than $100, you simply enter your PIN as usual – it's easy.

Your card is in safe hands

Contactless terminals are only able to make one transaction at a time. As a safeguard, each transaction must be complete or void before another takes place. This means when making contactless payments you can be sure that payments are strictly taken only once from your account.

ANZ Falcon™

ANZ Falcon provides worldwide credit card security around the clock. If we notice a transaction on your account that is unusual, we will contact you to check that everything is in order.

ANZ Fraud Money Back Guaranteedisclaimer

You wont be liable for any fraudulent transactions charged to your ANZ account provided you didn't contribute to the loss and notify ANZ promptly of the fraud.

See the FAQs section for more information on contactless security.


ANZ Contactless refers to payment methods that securely transmit purchase information via a tiny antenna embedded in your card.

It'll save you time - because you don't have to enter a PIN or sign when you make a purchase less than $100 at a contactless terminal. And you won't have to worry about carrying cash and coins around.

Any retailers who displays the Contactless symbol can accept contactless payments. Of course you'll still be able to dip (or swipe if the terminal allows it) your card.

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